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Biely potok is accesible from Spisska Nova Ves and Dedinky along signed tourist routes. The main part of a valley which Biely potok crosses is a national park Kysel. Biely potok is a Hornad´s river tributary. Its spring is in north part of Gerava, 900 high above sea level. On the higher part of the river has been built a water-reservoir Klauzy. Alike Hornad river there are a high, sheer and very narrow canyon valley. There are other turist points of interest close by Biely potok, like Tomasovsky vyhled (view), Sokolia dolina (dell) and Geravy.


  Accommodation Čingov
2 km
  Accommodation Dedinky
3 km
  Accommodation Košiarny Briežok
3 km